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Type:Branding, Graphic, Fashion art direction, Photography, Web

Birdigan is a clothing brand that started as a project between three friends in Leon, Spain, who wanted to create a young and fresh brand. Today they are a succesfull brand selling their clothes in the main spanish stores and their online store.

Creating the brand

Naming & Branding

We had to pretty much create a brand from scratch taking into consideration that the customer liked the clothing style of golf players, and that the brand needed to be fresh and young.

Designs come to life

The Process

Once created the Brand and all values ​​that surround it, the designs starts to live applied in the clothes through different techniques as sewing, screen printing or stamping.

Communication's strategy

The final part

Once clothes has been produced, we was ready to the final stage: the photo sessions and the creation of the strategy of communication through all the channels: from clothing labels to the website.