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Type:Branding, Graphic, Fashion art direction and Photography

Birdigan is a clothing brand started by three friends in Leon, Spain, who wanted to create a young and fresh brand but keeping a classic and more traditional style. This was actually the real challenge!

Today they are a succesfull brand selling their clothes in the main stores all over Spain.

Creating the brand

Naming & Branding

Our second challenge was to create the brand from scratch and, in only couple of months, achieving the first ever campaign to launch the brand with.

Designs come to life

The Process

The design process needed to considere different techniques as sewing, screen printing or stamping in order to provide the artworks to achieve quality perfection.

Communication's strategy

The final part

Once the clothing production and photoshoots were finalised, finally we could see the brand launching in all platforms and having an amazing success, to the point were they don’t sell online anymore but have a network of selling points nationally.