Mas vecino

Branding, Graphic, Web

Client: Own project

Type:Branding, Graphic, Illustration, Web, CMS

Own project originated for people living in Spanish-speaking countries, MasVecino is a social network made for neighbourhood communities. An easy and secure way to improve the communication between all the parts, take decisions, share plans… Its a smart way to prevent unnecessary an endless email threads and also making stronger the relation between the neighbours.

Why did we create this

The idea

Some of the people in our company after buying their first flat, realised the communication between all the parties involved in the neighborhood was in many cases null or inefficient, kilometric email threads to take simple decisions or distribute a document. Also they realised after some years in the flat they didn’t know anyone from the same building and they wanted to know if people in there same floor shared some interests.

Creating the brand

Naming & Branding

We had to figure out a clean and quick way to explain the intention of this social network, Mas in spanish means more, and Vecino, is a combination between spanish and italian for neighbour and closer. Also we create the logo that identified more the idea that was behind the platform we created.

As we like it: useful and simple

The platform

The platform is very easy to use and attempts to promote relationships, improving communications between the different agents and reducing paper and administrative costs.