Branding, Graphic

Client: Portobello

Type: Branding & Graphic

Portobello is now the name of three italian restaurants, modern trattoria style, around la Costa del Sol in Spain. People love italian kitchen by Portobello and now this brand is one of the most popular restaurant in the south of Spain.

Creating the brand

Naming & Branding

The first restaurant opened in a lovely and little harbor, so we created the naming and branding based on the features of the place, the environment and the peculiar delicacies. Costumers appreciated when a restaurant improves the experience with good design, investing in the brand and everything around costumers to take care of them from every angle.

Creating the imaginary

The process

The brand is a world full of colours and small simplified drawings which takes the costumers back to the landscapes and elements of the sea. These patterns will be then applied n stationery and restaurant accessories together with beautiful images of the italian coasts.

Applying the brand

The Process

Our role was not only to create a brand for a website, menu or a business card, but to guide the owners to be able to breath, eat and enjoy surrounded by a consistent brand approach which could evolve and grow in the future.